The main seam in the temporary boat cover for the Meteor disintegrated.

The whole seam gave up, just like our sun shade. I orginally used only a few pins, as the material is tough, but I immediately got off track during the sewing. So a quick fix turned into an unpicking and difficult pinning job.

I thought I’d try doing another chemical experiment.

The bathwater did turn green very quickly! Is that due to the cleaner though? And yes, I did use protection for my hands.

It’s hot outside … 33 degrees C today. Combined with the hot water in the tub means I need a dip in the cool lake.

After the third wash it’s still green. My patience has ended. Putting it out to dry now so I can take an “after” picture.

After. Looks pretty good, even if it’s not possible to get all the stains out. And it’s wrinkled. But as it’s not a fashion statement it doesn’t matter.


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