Too strappy

Too many straps at the top of my new Arcteryx Carrier Duffel 40l. When putting it over my shoulder on my last business trip the clasps slipped, giving an uncomfortable feeling. Since I will never carry it as a duffel bag, but only over the shoulder as a backpack, I decided to make that state permanent. There’s a price to pay for being flexible and long straps wasn’t worth it.

No more long straps!

Looking better already but still some funny things sticking out.

This strap isn’t needed. It’s really silly and too short.


I added a ring on the inside to attach, for example, keys or locks too. I folded over the tag in a million languages and sewed it closed.

It’s almost as big as my roller suitcase but it weighs less than half a kilo. More capacity for other stuff, silk scarves, warm scarves, …

And it’s waterproof, so with my new Patagonia jacket I don’t need to take an umbrella. I carry a small secure waterproof Nalgene bottle and prefer not to have anything dangling on the outside. That’s it, including my laptop bag inside the duffel. Passport in the money belt, ereader in the black bag, wallet and phone in the inside pockets (new!) of my jacket. Can’t wait to go to Wroclaw etc. like this!

The trip to Wroclaw went really well. I had everything in one bag on the way there. I checked in the Arcteryx on the way back because it had two large beer glasses in it and I was afraid they wouldn’t make it through customs. It’s great that the straps can easily be removed, leaving a very tough and simple bag. No straps that can catch in a conveyor belt; no pockets that someone can slip something dangerous into. Nice clean design!

I had brought rings to connect the funny flaps at the end. I broke my nails putting them on so I’ll have to find a better way to connect the two loops. Maybe they have something on ….

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