Clothing the windows

Just before Christmas I took the bold move of removing all the baby curtains in the house. I replaced the guest room curtains in October, thinking that Aldo’s curtains would soon follow; lots of time during the Christmas holidays. Life had other plans. I broke my wrist skating and only now, two months later, do I have enough energy and strength to start sewing again.

In the meantime Aldo has had to live with naked windows. At least in the winter the sun doesn’t get up so early.

We had bought lots of material, 10 meters of it. This needs to be cut, serged, washed and ironed before any sewing can be done.

3 panels 150cm wide, 200 cm long = 600 cm

2 panels 100 cm wide, 160 cm long = 320 cm

I think it was the end of the roll so I bought the last 80 cm too.

Here goes the cutting … no ctrl-z

I let Aldo cut. His hand is very steady. (Note the skates still not put away. Breaks my heart that my skating season was cut short.)

I brought my “kettlebell” serger downstairs where Aldo is the DJ. It weighs 8.5 kg.

He drives the serger like a computer game, pressing the pedal to the floor and stopping right at the end. The serger finishes off the edges so they don’t fray. Cotton material frays badly, especially when you wash it.

The last of the 10m of ironing. Time passes faster when listening to a good band like Foreigner.

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