Heaven and Hell – Angkor Wat

Scaring the common citizens into behaving seems to have been a popular tactic by rulers and religions across the globe. Also here at Angkor Wat.The quirky Garudas separate heaven from hell. We tuk-tukked around the huge moat of Angkor Watentering from the west sideThe long shadows show that it’s still early in the morning… About 8… It’s hot already though. We’re glad we don’t have to stand in line anywhere.Looking back to the west entranceOne of the four pools at the entrance.One of the few places where you can see traces of paint. It must all have been very colorful.Ubiquitous carvingsMy guess is that they had a wooden walkway over the stones, attached with pegs that are inserted into holes in the stones. This would allow the feet on top to stay dry while the water runs away via grooves to the side.The inner complexIncredible detailView over the forest.Cascading roofsOne of the corner stupas.Happy birthday Mom and Oma! From all of us here at Angkor Wat! 😚This is also a holy placeView from the topView from across one of the upper courtyardsThe lentil above one of the door of the second wall.Beautifully detailed dancerA rare statue. As in most such buildings around the world anything movable has been looted or put in the basement of some museum.Not quite a Roman arch… How stable is this?Nowadays lots of butterflies between the third and the second walls.The place was really well ventilated with lots of places to sit and cool off in the breeze. Heaven!The stairs going up and down were quite steep; the original stairs were even steeper!The many-armed god Yama, mounted on a buffalo (not on a bison), judges the dead.Sinners being pushed through a trapdoor into the underworld to have terrible punishments inflicted on them.For example: Being chewed on by a lion (one of 32 hells)Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!The many-headed snakeCrocodilesA croc, a turtle and a sea lionThe middle of the snakeA sea snake and fishThe end of the snake. Horses and elephants? Here? How long have horses been here?Chariots even!Back to the tuk-tuk. Sonia noticed the many-headed snake…whose body ingeniously forms the balustrade of the walkway.A quick peek inside the library.On our way back to the “Pool Palace”Past the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital that was founded by Dr. Beat Richner from Switzerland. Too bad he’s no longer alive; I would have loved to meet him in person.

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