Temples 2 – Bayon

Another amazing morning exploring temples… Today it was Angkor Thom.The causeway over the moat is already spectacularWith the gods on one sideAnd the demons on the otherPulling the many-headed snakeThe outside entrance gateAfter driving through the forest for a couple of kilometers it was spectacular entering the labyrinth of towersVery impressiveGorgeous detailsMount Meru like construction in the middle, tall and imposingHuge faces carved into the towersDoorway decorationsWindow decorationsTowers decorated on all sidesMultidimensional labyrinthGutters for the water to escapeLong mysterious passagesInteresting viewsArchwaysAnd every now and again a spectacular view of the central towersBattlesAmazing detailsAnother mysterious passageSitting in the shade for a momentDown another mysterious passageTaking a break on the shady side of the templeMore decorationsAll along the outside wallBattles are depictedSomeone’s on their back turning a wheelSheep ready for the banquet? One of them is scratching its head.Waiting for our banana and mango smoothies to collect some energy before the next temple while keeping an eye on the monkeys.

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