Banteay Kdei

Beautiful detailed carvings lying all around. I wonder how it got to this state and what happened to the pieces that are obviously missing. This temple was apparently in use until the 1960’s. But due to that same sponsor’s lack of investment in the foundation (Jayavarman VII) things just fall down after a few centuries.

Another huge Lokesvara face at the West entrance

Ant flows. Fascinating to watch!

A spectacular view… In the middle of what is now a forest. 100’000 people used to live in and near these monasteries… It must have looked so different with raised wooden floors, statues, doors, wooden structures made out of beautiful teak wood, people everywhere…

Jumbles of carvings that someone, some time ago, must have been proud to complete.

Adventurers exploring all the passageways

Beautifully decorated walls… Two types of stones again.

A simple Buddhist shine… So the temple is actually still in use.

I don’t really want to think about what this could have been used for… They don’t seem to have been as bloodthirsty as the Aztecs. Well, not centuries ago. Recent history is even more awful to contemplate.

Delicate decorations on a pillar

No Roman arches here. I wonder how it happened… That someone had that first “aha” moment, and why it didn’t happen here? Or maybe someone did have that idea here and his boss said “Nope, your idea might look more stable but as it’s not an industry standard we’re not going to take the risk” or rather


Holding things together

A well-preserved carving

A less well-preserved one

Apsaras – heavenly nymphs

The details come out beautifully with the morning sun

Wonderful peeks

Straight-through processing… Of people

Something large stood here once. Where did it go?

Lion statues. Where did the lions come from? Did they have lions here? Or is it for the same reason that there’s a Lion’s Pub in Zurich?

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