Dry and Wet

The royal bathing pool…

We’re happy the rainy season hasn’t started full blast, but it does mean our kayaking tour won’t be happening

A typical vendor on the side of the street who’s gone to get us a coconut from the fridge

A romantic spot on the moatside

Tribute to Beat Richner, the Swiss doctor, who founded several free children’s hospitals. Instead of him playing the cello every Thursday they show a movie about him as he passed away last year.

We asked the kitchen if they would open our coconut. This is what it looked like. They gave us a spoon to ladle the soft bland coconut out.

So glad we can easily carry our luggage on our backs! This gives me the shivers!

The peaceful poolside

The bustling food market… Such delicious looking seafood! Next time I’ll bring my camping stove so I can cook some of it! πŸ™πŸ¦€πŸš

The more touristy side of the market

Aldo and Sonia at their favorite stall at the night market

Peaceful poolside at night

And in the morning

Magnificent bust at the entrance of the Khmer National Museum

A huge spiral staircase of a well laid out and interesting museum. Too bad you’re not allowed to take pictures.

Female Deity

Snanadroni, or yoni and linga… Not human pain but…

One of the real demon heads

And then the monsoon rains arrived

Aldo went out through the coldish rain

Into the warm swimming pool. Good thing I had just ordered another beer!

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