Hot beach, cool pool

Cooling off in the pool after a hot morning on the beach.

The foyer of the hotel has a cool ventilation system

That stays dry when it rains. And fortunately it doesn’t need electricity, because that’s been off since the morning.

Little boutiques with a couple of orders of magnitude of price difference.

We grabbed some chairs in the shade, some beer and pizza for lunch.

Someone came by and painted my toenails, while someone else does Sonia’s nails. I needed a beer to settle my nerves after the ordeal.

The perfect color!

Some beach snaps…

A wall of water

Comes crashing down

Some people catch the wave

Lots of people on the beach but it doesn’t feel crowded. It feels very peaceful aside from the roar of the waves.

Lots of fun to watch the surfers. Some young kids really got the hang of it.

Folding up the new sarong.

After a dip in the pool the electricity came back on.

Having a beer on the beach after sunset

The light in the sky is an airplane landing in Denpasar. There’s a continuous stream of them.

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