Surfing the Waves

The waves were huge and perfect for boogie boardingThere were some major ceremonies going on around town last night. We had some delicious seafood. Today Aldo and I test the strength of the waves.It’s difficult not to get pushed over. When the wave recedes the sand under your feet gets washed away so much it destabilizes your balance.Aldo decides to rent a boogie boardAnd rides it all the way to the beach!Lauro tries it and gets one tooNote the wall of water in the background. The waves were 3 meters tall occasionally!In the meantime I did my usual sky observationsBeach artWhile Sonia got a badass tattoo!Beach to the rightOur shady spotBeach to the left. There are hundreds of people yet the beach is not crowdedWe had a great time at the beach again At the pool, after a refreshing swim, Aldo takes a snap of my tattoo.

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