Bangkok by Night

At the end of the day we ended up at a rooftop cafe on the 57th floor with a spectacular view of the city.The day started off a bit frustrating. We had a late start with a chatty long breakfast, which was good. But this meant that we tried to enter the Royal Palace with an endless river of hundreds of other tourists. Then we were refused entry because shorts were not allowed, three quarter pants neither. We’d have had to buy quite a few elephant pants and we were just not into that. So instead we took a fast boat to the Sky Rail station.

Old-style ferry stops Temples Traditional boatsNew sky scrapersGrandiose shopping mallsNo traffic jam for the Sky Train. It was packed with people all wanting to get somewhere quickly. Fancy modern buildingsIn all shapesAnd sizesEnding up at a huge shopping mallDunkin Donuts! And Dairy Queen!At lunch we saw this soup pot with built-in heater and stove pipe. Kind of an inverted fondue pot.We met my old colleague Attila for lunch. He’s a development manager at Agoda now, a fast-paced company with it’s IT team in Bangkok. He loves it here in Bangkok. It was great to listen to his stories.Then we went to the Jim Thompson houseJim revived the silk industry in the 1950s. Bowls full of silk cocoons.50 threads, one from each cocoon, are joined to form one silk threadEach cocoon has a dead silkworm larva in itThey unravel and form a really long continuous and very strong threadWhich is then wrapped into skeins. A very interesting museum. We wished that there would have been more explanation of the silk industry.We go to the Central Market shopping mallWhere most of us go to watch the latest Spiderman movie in full comfort of lounge sofas and warm fuzzy blanketsMonica and I go up to the rooftop cafe on the 57th floorSpectacular views over Bangkok!A rainbow in the ever threatening sky. Since it’s the rainy season we did have a sprinkling of rain drops.Then, to our big amazement, Godzilla comes out of the skyAnd climbs down the building! Maybe it was the drinks at altitude…What a spectacular alternative view of the city. We’ll have to do this more often!

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